Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 With English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 With English Subtitles

⚓ Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan ⚓

After the capture of Charlemagne and Doria, the barbarous Hieraldin and his generals begin preparations to conquer Hamara.

Even though they cover the entire castle with guns, Barbaros tries to avoid harming the people of Hamara despite this dangerous setting.

On the other hand, Barbaros, who wants to find a map of the island, is presented with a condition that is difficult to fulfill.

On the other hand, Porgli Ibrahim Pasha wants an account of Iyas Pasha’s arrangement with Chairbashi.

Learning that Luna is also after the map, Barbarus wonders why. Charlemagne, Doria and Maria plan to escape from the prisoners by influencing Luna through the map.

Barbarous Herdin appeared before Luna with an unexpected request. On the other hand, Dervish along with Iyas Pasha is looking to defeat Pargali Ibrahim Pasha.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 With English Subtitles

Pargli Ibrahim Pasha is looking for a way to get a confession from Kiribashi, who has him imprisoned.

While Barbarous Haraldin waits with Luna for his plan to be implemented, Luna, who is with Maria, tries to complete their plan and continue their struggle to find the map of the island.

Barbarous Hieraldin, who will compromise his power because of his mercy towards Maria, cannot escape the archer’s target.

Barbarous Hayreddin appears before the Grand Vizier Porgli Ibrahim Pasha and sees that the death warrant is given and an executioner is sent to his head.

Seeing that he had no choice but to tell Suleiman about everything, Dervish made peace with Yahya Effendi and would spare Barbaros’ life.

It turns out that in order to find the island, they have to go to the fortress of Hamara, and on the orders of Solomon the Great, Barbarus and Doria will go to this island with two separate ships.

Having no choice but to submit to Sultan Suleiman’s efforts to prevent Barbarossa’s death by his own hands, Pargali Ibrahim Pasha devised another plan to cause Barbarossa’s death by going to Hamara Castle.

Before this trip, Barbarous Hayreddin, who was on his way to death, told Dervish to stay in the capital and continue to attack Pargli Ibrahim’s politics, and by getting the information, Dervish would know that Grand Vizier Purgli.

Ibrahim Pasha has a secret. He could not answer Solomon the Great. Luna will learn what will happen to Barbarossa while she is on Doria’s ship.

As they approach Hamara’s castle, Barbarous Haralddin and his legions will be cornered and facing death.

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