Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 14 With English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 14 With English Subtitles

⚓ Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan ⚓

After Barbarous Hayreddin Pasha swore on the tomb of the Aden ruler that he would avenge the one who had martyred him, he learned that Siyar had disappeared.

On the other hand, Charles V, who poisoned the Pope to protect his throne, is pressured by Isabella, who regrets their joint arrangement of the antidote.

But he is not convinced. Realizing that Barbaros Hiraddin was not with Doria, Pargli Ibrahim Pasha told Doria that there was only one thing left to do.

Barbarous Hieraldin will be beheaded.

Salih Reyes, who has received an order from Barbarous Herald that the Pope must be protected, but begins to implement his plan and learns from Isabella that there is an antidote.

Realizing the difficulty of getting his troops to Pythiat, Doria devised a plan to recruit men at Pythiat. However, he is not aware that this plan was also suggested by Barbaros.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 14 With English Subtitles

but Barbarus will keep the oath he made at the grave of Aiden Reyes and capture Doria. However, the message sent by Pargli Ibrahim Pasha would prevent Duryea from demanding an account.

On the other hand, Dervish, who pursued the matter under the name taken from the Emperor to end the games, will tell Barbarous, who is ready to appear before him, whatever he has learned. are

Barbarous Hayreddin appears before the Grand Vizier Porgli Ibrahim Pasha and sees that the death warrant is given and an executioner is sent to his head.

Seeing that he had no choice but to do what had happened to Solomon, Dervish made peace with Yahya Effendi and would spare Barbaros’ life.

It turns out that in order to find the island, they have to go to the fortress of Hamara, and on the orders of Solomon the Great, Barbarus, and Doria will go to this island with two separate ships.

Having no choice but to submit to Sultan Suleiman’s efforts to prevent Barbarossa’s death by his own hands, but Pargali Ibrahim Pasha devised another plan to cause Barbarossa’s death by going to Hamara Castle. Before this trip.

Dervish would know that Grand Vizier Purgli. Ibrahim Pasha has a secret. He could not answer Solomon the Great.

But Luna will learn what will happen to Barbarossa while she is on Doria’s ship. As they approach Hamara Castle, Barbarous Haralddin and his levees will be cornered and facing death.

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