Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15 With English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15 With English Subtitles

⚓ Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan ⚓

After detonating a trap during the Hamara Castle campaign, Barbarous Hiraddin and his generals planned to sneak into the castle, knowing that defeating Doria would destroy his own reputation.

Charles V decided to go to Hamara Castle. Saleh Reyes does not want to be left behind in this journey and starts with Charles V.

Dervish, who remained in the capital, found evidence that proved that the person who killed Iskandar Chelebi was Porgli Ibrahim Pasha.

However, Shahsuvar also came to know about this evidence and took it to Porgli Ibrahim Pasha. Dervish and Iyas Pasha think that Ibrahim Pasha is finished.

Neither side will refrain from fighting until the last moment.

At Hamara, where Barbarous Haralddin had come to conquer, he encountered the fact that Kemanic Pasha was a prisoner in the hands of Charles V.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15 With English Subtitles

Despite the participation of Turgoth Rees and his lunatics, they were still insufficient in numbers.

The fact that Kemankesh Pasha was in the hands of Charles V made the task of the Barbarous Heredins even more difficult.

However, according to the Sultan’s orders, they had to devise a plan that would make conquest possible. As soon as Luna arrives in Hamara, she starts searching for a map to find out where the island is.

A difficult task awaits Luna. Besides, he wouldn’t be able to stop the confrontation with Barbarus.

Barbarous Haralddin, who was captured by Charles V with the chief of Turgut and his followers, would find a way out of Hamara Castle as a successful commander.

Barbarous Hayreddin appears before the Grand Vizier Porgli Ibrahim Pasha and sees that the death warrant is given and an executioner is sent to his head.

As they approach Hamara Castle, Barbarous Haralddin and his levees will be cornered and facing death.

Seeing that he had no choice but to tell Suleiman about everything, Dervish made peace with Yahya Effendi and would spare Barbaros’ life.

It turns out that in order to find the island, they have to go to the fortress of Hamara, and on the orders of Solomon the Great, Barbarus and Doria will go to this island with two separate ships.

Having no choice but to submit to Sultan Suleiman’s efforts to prevent Barbarossa’s death by his own hands, Pargali Ibrahim Pasha devised another plan to cause Barbarossa’s death by going to Hamara Castle.

Before this trip, Barbarous Hayredin, who was on his way to death, told Dervish to stay in the capital and continue to attack Pargli Ibrahim’s politics, and by getting the information, Dervish would know that Grand Vizier Purgli. Ibrahim Pasha has a secret.

He could not answer Solomon the Great. Luna will learn what will happen to Barbarossa while she is on Doria’s ship.

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