Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 146 With English Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 146 With English Subtitles

Ertugrul B captures Alencock and Dragos, who captures him, and takes them to Masilum to kill Alencock and execute Dragos.

Bebulat, who planned to save Dragos from killing Dragos, along with Commander Branas, disagreed with the plan to reveal his identity at the last moment and attacked Dragos’ troops along with Ertugrul Alpes. .

Thus, everyone who knew that he was Albusti would be dead and Ertugrul’s doubts would be destroyed.

When Branas attacked, Dragos escaped without being captured by Ertugrul and attacked Ertugrul Bey, who was killed by Ertugrul Bey in Soght square, which had been prepared for this situation in advance.

Bami, burning with remorse and coming to Soght to ask for forgiveness from Ertugrul Bey, resisted the people of Dragos who pushed Gondoz without Posatzis and saved Gondoz and was seriously wounded.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 146 With English Subtitles

Bami, who had been cured in Obada, repented and asked for forgiveness from Ertugrul Bey.

Belaj, who has raised suspicions about his brother Bibulat, kidnaps his brother by supporting a play created by Ertugrul Bey. What kind of end is waiting for Bebulat, who is caught in this trap?

What will be Albilaj’s reaction when he learns his brother’s identity as Albasti?

Gundodu, who stayed in Aleppo and did not come to the Byzantine border with his brother Ertugrul, comes to Soght years later.

What will the arrival of partygoers change to the Kai tribe? What dangers await the two brothers on the way to war against the Mongols?

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 146 With English Subtitles

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