Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 65 With English Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 65 With English Subtitles

Unexpected suggestions are pregnant with unexpected answers…

Ertugrul Bey, who was a guest at the village of Chaudar at the invitation of Candar Bey, received an unexpected offer from Candar Bey.

How would Ertugrul Bey respond to Candar Bey’s offer of a joint mill? On the one hand, the economic problems of Kai Obasi, and on the other hand, the existence of Ural Bey, who has not been able to reconcile with Ertugrul Bey from the beginning…

which of these factors will affect Ertugrul’s decision? Will it be made again?

Behind every darkness there is light…

The new rules of the new lands did not bring good results for Ertugrul B. O. Keller.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 65 With English Subtitles

Besides the caravan attack and the grief of the martyrs, Ertugrul Bey will receive any news that hope will bloom again in the tent?

How will the long-awaited but unexpected development affect the fate of Kai Obasi in the new lands?

What would be the surprising development of Turgut Alp, who was seriously injured in the attack on the caravan?

In addition to all this, will Khachaturian, who owes his life to Ertugrul Bey, succeed in the last step to repay his debt?

The endless struggle between good and evil…

Ural B’s mind is troubled by the fact that the dagger that Batahan threw during the caravan attack came into Aliar’s possession.

What steps will Ural Bay take in trying to solve the mystery of this event? On the other hand, how will he react to the offer of an unexpected partnership, since he can’t even see Ertugrul B in Hanali Bazaar?

The battle of the closed faces continues…

Will Aliyar, who stopped the conflict between Kei Obasi and Chaudhar Obasi by preventing a dagger from falling into Ertugrul Bey’s hand, be able to unravel the mystery behind Toktamesh Bey’s death?

Simon, who controls the inn and the market, is not idle in the war he is secretly waging for the Crusaders, while he is openly waging a commercial war.

Shamon, who has taken a big step in finding the Sultan’s spies, will he reach this goal?

While all these events are happening, what development will bring the three of Simon, Ural B and Ertugrul B around the same table?

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 Episode 65 With English Subtitles

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