Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Episode 52 With English Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Episode 52 With English Subtitles

The abduction of Banu Chichik brought Ertuğrul and Toghtekin together again. Toghtin blames Ertugrul for what happened.

Gondogado, as the leader of the Alps, was tasked with capturing Doghan and Bino Chichik.

Ertugrul, on the other hand, has devised a new plan to expose the secret games of Etholon and Gomstikin.

Gonkagal, who sees Banu Chaik and Sulkan meeting, comes to the camp and tells his aunt what he saw.

Aetholon is worried about what Gonkagel said. Doughan was arrested by Gondogdu B. Banu Chichak was injured while escaping.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Episode 52 With English Subtitles

On the other hand, Saad al-Din Sipi gathers all the Turkmen gentlemen in the caravanserai.

At this meeting, which was also attended by Ertugrul, Gomustkin was elected as the leader of the Turkmen nation.

Ertuğrul objected to Gomustkin’s appointment as a Marja.

This situation is the beginning of a new tension between Saad al-Din Sipi and Ertugrul. This week, the TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul, What will happen in the match between Etolon, Sulkan and Banu Chichak?

What will the Toghtikin react to? What are Saaditin’s dog and Gumstikin’s plans for Ertugrul?

How will the truth he learns affect Togekin? How was Gomstakkin’s status as an authority in the tribe achieved? What is the big secret that Tughtikin told the party?

What kind of restrictions does Gomstkin have against Dughan as a border lord? Why doesn’t Ertugrul intervene? What secret will the Ayatollah tell the Toghtikin?

What is Ertugrul’s plan that raised a lot of voices in all the Turkmen tribes?

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