Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 15 With English Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 15 With English Subtitles

Galler Halim agreed to marry Al Aziz in exchange for the release of his brother Yagit from the Templar castle where he was imprisoned.

But when she finds out that her father was deceived by the Templars and that this marriage will lead to war in the Islamic world, she breaks the marriage. Al-Aziz went crazy.

He thinks that his honor has been violated.

He doesn’t want to see the fact that he is a tool for the Templars. Al-Aziz intends to avenge the annulment of the marriage by sending orders to his commander Ganahan to attack Kai’s fort.

Gohan tries to start a fight by talking nonchalantly to a dirty gathering of Kai people.

But the Goonds confronted the Gunan by capturing the commander of Aleppo, Nasser, and ended the war before it began.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 15 With English Subtitles

Nasser’s fate will not be as he expected. Kurdoğlu, who made plans to take over the Kingdom of Tuida, increased his cooperation with the Templars.

Kurdoğlu first plays the dirty trump card to become Obia Bay, but Ertuğrul is also aware of Kurdoğlu’s treacherous plans.

Ertugrul, who is looking for evidence to reveal these plans, is determined to purge the traitors in the tribe.

Titus, who knows that Ertugrul is in love with Halim, prepares a terrible plan, through the intelligence of Aftilia.

According to this plan, Halim will accompany Al-Aziz to the hunting ground. Ertugrul will also follow them. Titus’ betrayal plan works.

When Ertugrul learned that Halim had been forcibly taken to the hunting ground, he became mad and left his camp at full speed.

He takes the car to take Al Aziz and Halim to the hunting ground. He has caught his guard. However, neither Haleem nor Al Aziz are in the car.

Ertugrul fell into the trap. Ertugrul joined Halim. However, he is awaiting execution.

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