Al Sancak Episode 9 With English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 9 With English Subtitles

in Alsancak; While Buran’s target is Sadaf, Kala’s team and Nadia face off.

The oyster is the target of Boron!

One successful special forces operation after another forces the Octopus formation to make fundamental decisions.

Boran, who enters the new equation as quickly as his name, first targets Ali’s captain’s brother, lawyer Saidif Benazli. Will Ali be able to save his family from danger?

Fort team in action

Al Sancak Episode 9 With English Subtitles

The forced landing of the helicopter of Prof.

Sehangir Yilmaz, an important figure in the national defense industry, who was kidnapped by the Octopus, creates a new crisis for the Octopus on the frontier.

This development is a great opportunity for the clan team to rescue the hostages. Commander Sasit, who is managing the operation, uses all means to take advantage of this opportunity.

Will Nadia learn her mother’s fate?

Meeth assigns Nadia and Amy the task of removing the Professor from his location and transporting him safely to the Octopus Science Base.

The Octopus that Boran has placed on the field experiences his inner reckoning through meditation. The information revealed is of vital importance to Nadia.

Will Nadia be able to learn her mother’s fate?

Kala team and Nadia face!
Following them, Captain Ali and the clan team head towards the scene. The group is not aware of Nadia’s presence in the area.

This situation is pregnant with new surprises. How will the Clan Squad react when they encounter Nadia?

Will captain Ali and Chehangir be able to save themselves from this pressure?

Meeth plays his last trump card to get his revenge on the clan team. With Boran involved, the frontier turns into a giant war zone where everyone shares their trump cards.

Captain Ali; Will he be able to get his gang and Changir out of this hell?


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