Al Sancak Episode 5 With English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 5 With English Subtitles

Big conflict between Nadia and Mutasim! The castle team falls into the trap…

Nadia in Al-Sincak; While he listens to Ali’s conscience, Bahar tries to convince Sulaiman. On the other hand, Meeth knows that Nadia is alive.

Nadia hurts Ali’s conscience.

Angered by Nadia’s interference in the family, Ali argues with her and gets an answer he never expected.

Saying that she appreciates Ali and cares for him, Nadia manages to hurt Ali’s conscience by leaving him. Is Ali in danger of leaving Nadia?

What will happen between Solomon and Bahar?

Al Sancak Episode 5 With English Subtitles

On the other hand, Behar’s relationship with Sulaiman, who will face a major test, will reach a new stage. Will Bihar’s efforts be enough to convince Sulaiman? What will the fort team do against this incident?

Barna discovers the hidden world of Ali.

While all this is happening, Barna will go to Ali’s house.

While Barna, who is taking advantage of Ali’s absence in the house, loses his curiosity and looks around, he witnesses the secret world in Ali’s garage.

Will what Barna learns cause problems for Ali?

On the other hand, Nadia, knowing that Ali still doesn’t trust her, cooperates with Trevor and runs a solo operation to eliminate the missile threat.

Tim and Nadia fall into the trap!

Learning of Traver’s location thanks to Isley’s intelligence, the clan team also organizes an operation at the same location.

Walking into the operation area, Ali can’t hide his surprise when he sees Traver and Nadia side by side. Salim, who witnessed the fight between Ali and Nadia, now confronts Ali.


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