Al Sancak Episode 3 With English Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 3 With English Subtitles

The missile threat continues.

Captain Ali and Nadia, with the help of the expert bomb disposal sergeant major Mustafa, eliminate the danger of chemical bomb explosion.

However, Captain Ali is still unwilling to give Nadia the credit for this victory. On the other hand, the threat of missiles still continues and important decisions must be made to eliminate this great threat and dangerous missions must be completed.

Sulaiman and Bahar’s love is tested The relationship between Suleiman, who had lost his leg in a previous operation, and his fiancée Bihar will also face a major test.

Al Sancak Episode 3 With English Subtitles

However, passing this test will not be easy for Bihar. Can the team members who managed the Solomon family heal the pain they are going through?

New and challenging tasks await the clan team, who are trying to find a cure for Solomon.
The clan team faces death.

Following Novak, who has escaped from the hospital, Captain Ali and the Citadel team will pursue a very challenging mission.

Lieutenant Colonel Urs, who has passed the test of Commander Sasit, will join the Fort team in this challenging mission and will play an important role.

This mission, which puts the lives of the clan team at risk, will undoubtedly witness new surprises and be completed piece by piece like a puzzle.

However, the bravest soldiers of the team will face death for this task.

Will Captain Ali, who will be in the middle of danger during this new operation, be able to escape from the hottest point of fire by himself?


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