Omar Mukhtar Lion Of The Desert In Full Movie English Dubbed

Omar Mukhtar Lion Of The Desert In Full Movie English Dubbed

General Rudolph Graziani, a tyrannical commander in Italy, where fascism reigned before World War II, commissioned Mussolini himself to fight in Libya and completely exterminate the Arabs.

However, a great defeat awaited him, which he never expected, in the countries where the great Roman Empire failed to achieve its dreams. The brave national leader Umar Al-Mukhtar, together with the people and the farmers, put up a strong resistance against the Italian soldiers.

On the other hand, there were plans of betrayal to defeat Mukhtar.

Omar al-Mukhtar’s struggle as a national hero with his resistance against the Italians in Libya also attracted Hollywood attention.

Omar Mukhtar Lion Of The Desert In Full Movie English Dubbed

Syrian director Mustafa Akkad, best known for his film “The Message” about the birth of Islam, introduced the audience to Omar al-Mukhtar’s struggle against the Italians in “Desert Line” (1981).

Oscar winner Anthony Quinn played the role of Omar al-Mukhtar in the film, which was financed by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. “We are a nation that does not know what surrender means.

“Either we win or we die.” The film quoted Al-Mukhtar as saying that these words were used on the banners of Libyan citizens during the Arab Spring protests.

Umar Mukhtar Poetry In English Dubbed Full Movie

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Omar Mukhtar (Arabic: عمر المختر)

(1862 – September 16 – 1931) was born in Munifah, a small village of Janzor near Tobruk in eastern Burqa (Cyrenica) of Libya.

In early 1912, he organized and led the local resistance against Italian colonial rule in Libya for nearly twenty years. The Italians captured and executed him in 1931.

Desert Lion is a 1981 Libyan historical action film starring Anthony Quinn as Libyan tribal leader Omar Mokhtar, a Bedouin leader who fights the Italian army in the years following World War II, and Oliver Reed, a Italian

In the role of General Rudolph Graziani, who tried to defeat. Mukhtar It was directed by Mustafa Akad.

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