Kurulus Osman Episode 21 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 In English Subtitles


Tekofor Urgopoulos and Princess Sofia welcome Kayes to the castle of Klockahiser. A theater play is being performed in Sultanate Square.

As there are those who rejoice at the arrival of ships; Evil eyes are also placed, waiting for an opportunity to break this alliance.

Knowing this, Osman B goes to the theater stage. Evil can no longer hide itself…
Usman Bey said: “Friends, disagreement has come to the very stones of this fort.

If we do not find out who is behind these animals, then sleep is forbidden for all of us. If not today, sooner or later it will be.” Those who shoot them will find their target.”

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 In English Subtitles

Summary of the first part of the establishment of Usman:
Dandar Bey, who manages Kai Obasi in his brother’s absence, goes to see Klokahisar Tekforo Urgopoulos with the people and gentlemen of the tent.

His goal is to establish a trade and security agreement within the framework of the relationship established by Ertugrul Bey.

However, Yargopoulos’ friendship is not the only thing that awaits Keyes here. An inner organization, concerned about Takfur’s close ties with the Turks, pushes the button for a bloody operation.

Osman, who goes to the fort with his uncle Dunder B, foils all the plans with his heroism.

What happens is the beginning of a dangerous adventure full of secret connections for the brave hero Usman.

He will light the fire of gas and freedom with his stone-black eyes.

His name was Osman, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi…

It was “love” that guided him through the darkness…

In the land watered with blood and tears, like the crops of the sky are planted.

He dreamed of a nation’s “love” that spanned the seven heavens, seven earths, mountains, and seas.

He took his authority not from the sword, but from “love”

…justice with injustice; He gave his name to the greatest empire in history, which resisted slavery with “love” for freedom.

The uprising against the corrupt system that has broken 72 nations, in the hope of silencing the cry of the oppressed, was called establishment.

The Founding of Osman … the story of the march from a camp of 400 tents to a world empire with “divine love”.

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 In English Subtitles


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