Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Episode 58 With English Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Episode 58 With English Subtitles

Tughtikin and Sangur Tikin attacked Nuyan’s cave.

However, as they cannot find the newcomers, they are in for a big surprise. The newcomers left a message in the cave with Goku’s clothes.

Navyan went to the cemetery to buy Goki. Guided by Bogach, Goki approaches the cemetery and is captured by Nyan.

Along with Navyan, Hime, Gondogdu and Sulkan, he manages to escape from there by capturing Goki.

Goku is very surprised when he meets Gunkagal. When he returns to the camp, Tuticorin is devastated when he learns that Goku has been kidnapped.

Haimi and Ertugrul calm Toghtikin and advise him not to act violently. Ertugrul says that someone from the tribe is behind Goke’s kidnapping.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 Episode 58 With English Subtitles

But no one knows who the traitor is. Toghtikin suddenly comes to his senses and says that the traitor is Bogach. The situation that followed proved Tuticorin right.

Goku escapes from the bonds and kills Gonkagol.

On the other hand, Saaditin’s dog’s new plan is to capture Toghtikin. He uses Bogach again for this. Yezit writes a letter to Ertugrul and asks him to pledge allegiance to him.

What is waiting for Ertugrul who goes to Yighit with his letter?

But Will Ertugrul be able to save Yeghit? What is surprising in the match between Tughtikin and Noyan? Will the newcomers be able to escape Tuticorin’s clutches this time?

Why does Ertugrul, who arrives at the camp, argue with Sangur Tekin? What is Ertugrul’s plan to find Bogach and Noyan? What move will Saad al-Din dog make?

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